Player Tryout Registration


USYSA is changing all age groups to be based on calendar years, starting in Fall 2019. This brings the US into conformity with many existing programs, such as ODP, and greatly simplifies age group calculations.This means that your child may belong to a different age group next year than you expected. For example, U12 players this year may be either U13 or U14 players next year, depending on the year they were born. The chart below shows you the new age groups. Please contact your Club as to how they plan to handle existing teams and playing up.

U7 = Born in 2013
U8 = Born in 2012
U9 = Born in 2011
U10 = Born in 2010
U11 = Born in 2009
U12 = Born in 2008
U13 = Born in 2007
U14 = Born in 2006
U15 = Born in 2005
U16 = Born in 2004
U17 = Born in 2003
U18 = Born in 2002
U19 = Born in 2001

* You will receive an email confirmation when you register for tryouts

* Contact your club for any other questions